Container transport-China

China coastal sea transport-Container vessel transport


More dependable and quicker dispatch; Suitable for less than 1000MT delivery; Weekly service on a very regular basis: Five service lines to Guangdong Province, 4 service lines to Fujian Province, 3 service lines to Zhejiang Province, 2 service lines to Shanghai, 3 service lines to Liaoning Province.


Destination ports of container vessel delivery include, but not limited to, Dalian, Shanghai, Fujian Province( Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen), Zhejiang Province( Taizhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo ), Guangdong Province( Huangpu, Nansha, Zhuhai, Shantou, Zhanjiang), Guangxi Province ( Qinzhou, FangChengGang), Hainan Province.


Transit time: 2-5 days to any china coastal sea port from Qingdao